Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorry, it took me so long to get these pictures up...the reality is that I knew I didn't have very good picture to show off!


I do, however have a good story to go along with halloween this year. On Friday morning we wake up and start to get ready. I tell Caleb that he can put on his construction worker costume. He immediately falls apart, crying and screaming "I don't want to go to preschool!" We try to console him, tell him he doesn't have to wear a costume if he doesn't want to, this doesn't work. We send him to his room to calm down. Eventually Erik goes in to talk to Caleb. Caleb finally confesses that he doesn't want to go "because Jane is going to be a skunk." (side note for those of you that might not know this: Caleb is terrifed of skunks. We have no clue what brought this on, but every night we have to pray for skunks. When his bed was just on the floor, he wanted to sleep in our bed because the "skunks will get me." We put his bed on a frame and to this day we are still praying for those skunks!) My poor son was terrified to go to school because Jane was going to be a skunk. He obviously knew this because they talked about it at school on Monday. Why didn't he mention it then? But as soon as I told him to put on his costume he remember Jane! And...of all the costumes out there they pick the one Caleb is afraid of. Anyway, we got out the door with most of the costume on and headed to school. I warned the teachers of the "dilema", I was curious to see what happened. Well, in walks Jane and Caleb didn't do a thing. I am not sure what he was expecting her to look like but when he saw her he realized it was just Jane. After school he said to me, "Jane wasn't a scary skunk, she was a good skunk."

Here is Caleb's class. Caleb picking his nose...nice! Jane is the one in the front looking at Caleb.

This is the best picture I got of Jackson the train conductor. Pitiful.

Construction Worker.

After school we ran home, packed up the car and drove to South Haven, MI for a weekend away with some friends. We were the first ones to arrive so we checked out the beach. We lucked out with the weather.

The boys couldn't have been happier!


The Process said...

your stories of Caleb have me crying I'm laughing so hard. What a character!

Hope Caleb doesn't know that Skunk is Sanne's nickname . . . that could case problems :)

WML said...

I still need to get my Halloween pics up, so no need to feel bad. It was fun to see an update!