Saturday, November 27, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

We headed to Lowes to get our tree this year. We picked a Fraser Fur in honor of Chuck.

The boys got right to decorating and didn't stop until everything had a place.

Here is the finished product!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Caleb is feeding his cousin Charlotte in this picture. We got to spend the morning with Kyle and Charlotte while Jenny went shopping!

Then we headed over to my parents for dinner. Gramma bought them a gingerbread house to decorate together.

Thanksgiving 2010

I did not do a good job of getting pictures at Thanksgiving this year. We were at Aunt Louise and Uncle Dave's in Arlington Heights. Erik and I were exhausted from our week up at camp but enjoyed being with family. Emmett decided he was a dog! (When you ask him what a dog says, he make a little "roof" sound)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In memory of Charles Shelton Frasier

These are our last two pictures with Chuck. In the words of Caleb, "Emmett lost his best friend." Chuck loved our kids so much, Emmett would reach for him when we saw him walking around camp.

Yes. I have been avoiding this post for a long time now. The blog waits because I have not (and am still not) ready to admit that on this day our dear friend, Chuck Frasier went to be with the Lord. Chuck was so many things to Erik and I, we were completely blown away by the phone call from Jenny that Thursday night. We headed up to camp the next morning, only knowing that being at camp was where we needed to be at that moment. Nothing else really seemed to matter. We cried, oh how we cried. We shared stories with so many other people who shared a deep love for this man. It was a week full of so many emotions but most importantly a celebration of a man who lived his life for Christ. Camp will never be the same without him, for those who knew him, but I am confident that camp will continue doing the same good work. Here is a link to the summer promo...send your kids to camp this summer!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emmett is looking really big to me these days...Here are a few from today.

Friday, November 12, 2010

We spent most of the day cooking a bunch of meals to store in the freezer for dinners down the road. Jackson always enjoys helping in the kitchen.

Emmett got a new hat from auntie erin! We are wearing it as much as we can right now, as we don't think it will fit his head much longer! Thanks....we love it.

Erik and I had Thanksgiving dinner for some friends and Erik did the turkey on the weber. Here he is getting it ready the night before. (It was delicious!)

This video is random but I cannot get enough of Jackson's little voice and I thought those far away would enjoy hearing him talk.