Sunday, March 26, 2006


Erik was out of town this weekend so I thought it would be fun to surprise him with some professional pictures of Caleb. We (my mom came with) went to "The Picture People" because you get your pictures in one hour and you don't have to buy the pictures if you don't like them. When we got there Caleb was so smiley and happy. As soon as we put him down to take the pictures, he was a wreck. He would not sit still, would not look at me or the camera and then he just started to cry. By this time, his cheeks were all red and his eyes were watery. Needless to say, we didn't leave with any pictures! However, the next day I decided to take pictures of Caleb at the park behind our apartment. I think this one turned out pretty cute! The moral of the story is...who needs a professional!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

6 months

Caleb turned 6 months old today! He loves chewing on this book, a hand-made gift from Caleb's second cousin, Skylar Rill. Yesterday he had a 6 month check-up. He weighed in at 16 pounds 10 ounces, and is 26 inches long. He had to get 2 more shots which was way more managable than his usual 4! Still, he sure didn't like being there. As soon as we entered the exam room, Caleb knew something was up, and let us all know he was quite unhappy about what was about to take place!

Monday, March 13, 2006

During nap time Erik kept finding Caleb sitting up in the corner trying to pull himself up on the bars. We decided it was time to lower his was a sad day. He is growing up way too quickly for us!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Food

We gave Caleb a little rice cereal on Wednesday morning and every morning since. At first he just sorta pushed it back out with his tongue, but now he is getting the hang of it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Mommy and Me

Here is the most recent picture of Caleb and his mommy. We seriously cannot get enough of this little man! He is so much fun, always smiling and laughing.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hanging out with the Austin boys.

We had a busy weekend that included spending some time with Luke and Reiley Austin(Karina and Jason were there too!). Luke is two days older than Caleb and Reiley will be two in a few weeks. It was so much fun to see Caleb interact with them, he just thought they were hilarious. Reiley had both boys cracking up at one point.


We were very excited about Caleb getting himself into the sitting position...but the next day he figured out how to crawl. So he isn't cruising around the house yet, but he is using his arms and legs to get him from one point to another. We are not ready for our baby to be crawling! It is pretty fun to watch him and he is so proud of himself. I wish I knew how to put videos on'll just have to come and visit.

Friday, March 03, 2006

There is no picture for this post, but I just had to let everyone know our latest story...

So, Erik, Caleb and I went out for lunch today. Caleb fell asleep while we were there. We were hoping to transfer the sleeping baby into his crib at such luck...but we left him in there anyway hoping he would fall back asleep. I could hear him making noises and squirming around, so Iwent to watch him from the door. I could see that he had moved himself all the way to the other end of the bed and that he was playing with his musical elephant (a gift from Barbara and Nathan!). He was also pulling on the bumper and trying so hard to crawl or stand or something. I went to get Erik so he could see all that Caleb was doing and in that time...Caleb got himself into the sitting position! We could not believe it. He was laying on his tummy or his back and then all of a sudden sitting up in his crib!