Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another butterfly

We were given a chrysalis from a friend at church and were so excited to see that the butterfly had come out of its cocoon today!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 weeks in the UP...

Sorry for the delay in posting...I was a little overwhelmed with how many pictures we took while up at Covenant Point for two weeks and how to choose which ones to post. Well, here they are, my favorites from our trip. Our first week was our vacation. We stayed with Kyle and Jenny and ate over at the Stroms cabin with Nana, Papa and Uncle Dave. The second week was Winnetka Covenant Family Camp.

Playing baseball at Nana and Papa's

This is how the boys traveled around.

Monday, August 3rd
Dinner at the Hudson's

Appetizers on the dock with Linnea, Sarah, Laurel and Verl

A family tractor ride through the woods.

We could have used this for a Christmas card except that there will be another little one joining us before then!

Thanks Jack and Verl. Our trip to the UP wouldn't have been complete without a stop at the Hudson's.

Tuesday, August 4th
Matching outfits.

The boys LOVE their Uncle Dave.

Hiking in the woods.

Wednesday, August 5th
We borrowed this Waldo puzzle from a friend and Caleb loved it. We must have put it together at least 6 times.

The boys are so high up on Uncle Kyle's shoulders.

We took a little walk with Kyle and Jenny and they showed us were the raspberry bushes were. The boys couldn't get enough.

Erik showing the boys how to set up a tent...Erik and Caleb camped out in the back 40 that night.

I couldn't believe my little guy was big enough for a camp out with daddy. They had so much fun as you can see. Caleb slept great and couldn't stop talking about how much fun it was. They are hoping to camp out in our yard before it gets too cold.
Reading before bedtime.

Thursday, August 6th

They stopped for more raspberries on the way back.

Friday, August 7th
A visit to Duff's farm.

Sunday, August 9th
Uncle Kyle

Jimmy and Nathan were so great with our boys. Here they are showing them how to use these really cool water guns.

Monday, August 10th
Jackson started sleeping in a big boy bed while up here because we didn't think he would do a pack and play anymore. He did great and often wanted to sleep with his hat on!

Dinner tonight was the start of Famliy Camp, followed by a campfire and s'mores

Tuesday, August 11th
Painting in Arts and Crafts

Yes, Colby was there too. I think he looks like such a stud in this picture.

Wednesday, August 12th
Island day. One minute before this picture was taken Caleb was screaming that he didn't want to go on the boat. He was all smiles as soon as we took off. What a stinker.

Jackson and Darlene feeding the ducks.

Paddle boat ride with daddy.

Thursday, August 13th
They got dressed to go play outside!

Painting birdhouses in Arts and Crafts

Can you tell he enjoyed the water?

Friday, August 14th
Meagan playing with all the kids!

The Nordlund's stopped by for dinner on Friday night. Jackson and Sanne had fun playing together.

The boys and Macallister heading back to the big bonfire.

And finally I leave you with the best video from our two weeks away. My 30 year old husband doing a double back flip off the mountain dew swing. What a stud!