Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Tonight we went over to my parents house to carve pumpkins with the Rills and the Penners. I had no clue that my boys would enjoy this so much!

Jackson drew on this little pumpkin.

They both enjoyed taking out the "guts".

Here we are, hard at work.

Notice how all the other pumpkins are lined up to take a picture, but Caleb is still going.

Here are the finished products.
Olivia, Jackson, A, Caleb, Grayden, Brixton and Skylar
With candles.

And back to carving! He also colored the pumpkin on the left.

Still going!

Finally, the finished product. He has already asked to carve some more on his pumpkin.


Barbara said...

I love, love, love that you let Caleb carve his pumpkin the way he wanted to.

So cute!

WML said...

Too bad pumpkin carving only comes once a year!

Jennifer said...

Cute pics....but this is just not like you to not have posted pictures of Halloween almost a whole week after! Is everything ok!?

Hey, isn't today (the 6th) your Birthday?!? I know I am within a couple of days, anyway! Happy Birthday!