Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marathon and Grandpa

We packed up early this morning to head to the Marathon.

Soon after the race started Tammy got a call "Grandpa is in heaven". We cheered and said that he finished the race first! It was great to be with so many family members when finding out this news (especially since Erik was out of town). Our Grandpa was one of the most wonderful men I knew. I wish I could sum him up for you, but words are not coming to me.

Caleb played in the dirt the whole time. Can you see the wheelchair racer finishing his race?

Here's everyone at the fountain with a sign that says 'Our Grandpa crossed the finish line first!'

I love this picture because of his little tracks behind him.

Checking out the ladybugs.

After the marathon we headed over to my Grandma's house to be with the rest of the family. We saw a lot of eachother this week, which is just how Grandpa would have wanted it! He loved his family.

Always jumping!

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