Monday, October 06, 2008


I am so in love with all the things Caleb does at his preschool. This is a water color painting, painted with Q-tips. I just love the colors he chose and the little "splash" of red. I already have it in a frame! (How am I going to have enough space for these kids art work?)
On Monday they learned about squirrels, read books about squirrels and wrote a story about squirrels. Here is story number two by Caleb (there is definitely a theme to his stories!):
Once there was a Daddy squirrel named Fluffy.
He drove an excavator. He was digging a house.
His baby squirrel helped too. His name was Chipmunk.
He did the grader truck. He smoothed out the dirt.
The End
By Caleb
I aske Mrs. Elizabeth how she has them "write" these stories and she said she had a big squirrel and a little squirrel sitting on the table. She starts out by asking them some questions, "What is this squirrel's name?" "What does he do?" and then the story takes shape!


betty said...

okay, i think caleb's obsession with evcavators, etc. is equal to Kendell's with princesses at that age!!

WML said...

An author AND an illustrator. Doesn't get much better!

Jason and Trish said...

An idea to preserve children's artwork...I heard this somewhere. Instead of keeping every single thing, take a digital picture of the piece of paper-that way you'll have it forever! And you don't need to keep the paper and take up space. :) Just an idea.