Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The boys

"The square"

"The skateboard"

Look at how happy he is. Also, notice that he is already in his pj's...the perfect activity to get him ready for bed.

OK, so I know these are not the most attractive pictures of Jackson (he has plenty of cute pictures on this blog) and maybe someday he will be mad at me...but look at all those teeth coming in at the same time! Erik is away in Mexico this week, I feel like I need to document Jackson's mouth every single day because he will look so different when Erik comes home! As you can see he is still as happy as can be. I remember when Caleb would get teeth, he would wake up 2 and 3 times a night! Not Jackson, he has become such a good sleeper, even while four teeth poke their way through.


WML said...

"Yo! The boy can fly!" - Al

Tonya said...

I have to say those pictures of Caleb jumping on the couch are AWESOME. And good shot of those new teeth!

Buki Family said...

Wow, those boys are growing up so fast!