Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Opening our presents...

This morning we let the boys each open one present before they left for school. Secretly I just wanted Emmett to have some time to play with his chainsaw before we left for Chicago! The picture with the eggnog is a gift from Caleb and Jackson to Erik. I guess on one of their many trips to school with Linnea they came up with this big plan to buy him eggnog and wrap it up for a present...so Linnea followed through and her it is!

A boy, his chainsaw and a piece of wood equals heaven! It was so cute to see him playing with it, he used it just like daddy did when cutting our wood for the fireplace...even kicking the "cut" wood to the side! Already a true yooper!

We are leaving for Chicago the day before the Christmas program, so I went to their practice instead! (Lame, I know...but the best we could do.)

Jackson is our little note man. When we climbed into bed tonight this was greeting us on our pillows. He actually made the cards at school today and set them up like this. He is always writing notes and is getting really good at spelling things himself.

Tonight we opened the rest of our presents to the boys.

Jackson wanted a matchbox car!

And Caleb wanted Legos.

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