Monday, December 19, 2011

Another full day

We started our day with dentist appointments for everyone...Emmett's first.

Next up a visit to our ENT to check on Emmett's tubes. The doctor literally came in looked in both of his ears and said "we'll see you in another six months to make sure they are still in then." Brooke could have done that for me! But since it was so close to Christmas we did get a stuffed animal (not that we need anymore).

Then off to Winter Wonderfest for the rest of the day!

Caleb and Sklyar were watching the magic show and the magician called up 4-6 year olds and Caleb went right up!

As you can see we got to spend the day with tons of friends and family. All those grownups made it very easy to take kids on whatever they wanted to go on. And Adeline fell asleep on Poppas shoulders. A very exhausting day indeed!

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