Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Breakfast at Gramma and Poppas with the whole family (minus you Condaps!)

Cousin pile!

Adeline and Emmett ended up enjoying falling over more!

While shopping at Anglei's one day Caleb spotted a bag of only juicy pear jelly beans. He wanted to buy them for Gramma because they are her favorite. He then said "Oh man, she is just gonna hug me and hug me." I prepped my mom and she was very excited for her jelly beans from Caleb.

Christmas Eve dinner with the ENTIRE Christiansen side of the family. (We had a Mecher party on Tuesday but I forgot to take pictures!!) Here is one of the kids tables.

Emmett took a 45 minute nap today (very short for him) and as a result was a wreck by 6pm tonight. So, we put him to bed right away. At around 8:30 Erik went up to check on him and he had actually just woken up crying. When Erik went to get him, Emmett threw up all over the tow of them...thus the bath on Christmas Eve night! We are pretty sure it was because of all the mucous he had in his throat and nose, he was fine after the bath. Meanwhile Jackson was coming down with a fever...he snuggled with Aunt Betty until we could get everything packed up.

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bergs said...

I am always so happy when you update your blog since I don't do facebook. I may have to give in just to keep up but for now I enjoy your blog. I'm glad that it looked like Jackson was feeling better Christmas morning.

Miss you, a.b.