Friday, August 05, 2011

Our new home

We will be living at Erik's parents cabin for a season while a longer-term housing situation is being figured out. In the meantime, we're so grateful for this great place to call home! We pulled up the driveway and this sign was taped to the porch. I walked up and saw it and immediately started crying. (I had held myself together most of the drive up!) I was overcome with love and joy for our new community and the welcome we're receiving.
We basically moved in to the loft area. Erik and I will sleep upstairs, Emmet will sleep in Jan and Dan's room and the big guys are in a room in the basement. The sleeping arrangements seem to be working out great so far and I even had to wake Caleb and Jackson up for breakfast the other day!

The boys have all their toys and movies on the bookshelf and their art table in the little cubby.

Here is our office!


condapfour said...

The cubbies are perfect! What a great set-up you came up with ! Hope I can come and see it in person sometime in the near future!

bergs said...

Everything looks great. You have put your mark on this home.

WML said...

Um, that is the nicest "cabin" I have ever seen... I am so glad you don't have to live in a camper like my parents did when they moved to Spring Hill and my father had to build his own house... Love you all and look forward to many CPBC posts