Thursday, August 04, 2011

Moving Day

Today was moving day. I set my alarm for 6a.m. but woke up on my own at I just got up and started this crazy day! First I went to Jewel to get some gatorade for all our helpers, then to Dunkin Donuts to get goodies for the helpers, then I justified buying Erik and I Starbucks because we won't be having any for a long time! My dad pulled up in our big 26 footer truck right around 7:15 as I was leaving for a dentist appointment! I had to get my permanent crown put on this morning! When I got back the movers were here and a lot of friends carrying all of our boxes out. The movers (and our wonderful helpers) got our entire house loaded into the truck in 1 hour and 45 minutes! Once things were moved out of rooms people started cleaning them so that we left the house completely spic and span for all those possible renters coming through. Kat and Linnea made lunches for us to take on the road, we prayed, we cried and we said our goodbyes. We were on the road just before noon. Everything felt a little surreal as we drove down Long Road one last time. We will miss you!!

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