Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Sawyer likes to sleep in front of their wood burning cozy. I just thought she looked so peaceful laying here by the fire with the tree in the background.

We covered up Jennas name and painted Sawyers in a different spot... I like this spot better.

And finally one of Erin and I together! When we were out together and ran into people that Erin knew, they wouldn't even ask who I was...they all just knew I was her sister. On the first day I got there I picked up Kira at the bus stop and she stood there and looked and me and said "Auntie Courtney?!" Later Jenna sat between Erin and I and kept looking back and forth at us saying "you look the same." I guess we are sisters. We had such a great time together...I could go on and on. Thanks for a fun trip.

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WML said...

The name looks adorable! And hooray for sister shots; Tam and I have too few, too.