Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Camp!

We were so excited to get to go up north again this year. We opted to save a little money by staying at the Strom cabin down the road from camp. This was great for us and great for camp as they were full this year!

Emmett's ride.

Signing "more"

This was one of the morning activities...snow fort building. Trevor is having Caleb and Wyatt do a face off to see who can get another shovel. We had so much fun, the boys kept wanting to do it again.

We had a tunnel.

Caleb and Jackson's ride.

Sledding with Mei

The boys enjoyed tubing, as usual, but this time they were both a little more daring and wanted to go down the big hill by themselves. The first time Jackson went down by himself, Erik and I were at the bottom heading back up and he just said "I want to go by myself" and proceeded to start himself down. We were freaking out...but he loved it! Later in the week it warmed up a lot and we weren't able to sled anymore so we were glad we went earlier.

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WML said...

Tim would be envious of the snow tunnel! That is a good one.