Monday, May 11, 2009


baby number three's profile

looking right at you

my third bump at 21 weeks

Early this morning Erik and I headed in for our "20 week" ultrasound. We told our tech that we didn't want her to tell us the sex of the baby but we were both trying to look for any clues. It was so exciting to be able to see this baby, he/she was moving around a lot and we even got to see the mouth opening and closing! At one point I turned to Erik and said "I love this baby so much." Sometimes it seems impossible to love three kids so much, but once I saw that face, those arms and legs and toes I was filled with so much love. We cannot wait to meet this little one and wonder how much our lives will change because of them.


condapfour said...

Love, love, LOVE IT! You look great and the baby looks amazing. I can't wait to snuggle with that little person!

caroline and mike said...

oh eyes are tear-filled as i am able to relate to you during this special look so amazing...your face and smile....radiant! i love u and baby!!!!

WML said...

Awesome! Simply awesome.

Jan S. said...

Hey Courtney, Erik & boys!! I love your family blog, its such a cool way to keep up with you all!

Baby pics are awesome! I am SO glad you guys like to keep the gender a surprise!! Seems like everyone now days finds out before hand - I like that little bit of mystery and joyful surprise on the birthday!

Caleb and Jackson look great, getting so big!!

Happy belated birthday, Erik!!!

WML said...

After looking at the ultrasound, T and S thinks the baby looks like a boy. We can't wait to find out!