Saturday, May 23, 2009


We had a great amount of help to carry all those boxes and furniture down our stairs. A bunch of the high school students showed up to help and eat donuts and pastries.

I thought they looked like the final scene from 'Juno'.

Kajsa, one of the masterminds behind the loading of the truck.

Everyone kept making sure Erik knew where all the keys were...he tends to misplace them.

Goodbye Greenleaf!

Rob, Keir, Evan and Erik

One last picture inside the old apartment. (I gave my camera to Claire and she went to town on pictures).

Standing in the new dining room with the family room in the background. I did a really good job of not lifting anything but was still on my feet way too much today.

Some boxes waiting to be brought into the house. This is our driveway.

The new home!

My mom and Leslie unpacked the entire kitchen. It was so great to get rid of all those boxes right away. Thanks!

Of course the Izzo's had their coffee.

My mom just wasn't ready to leave because everything wasn't done, so she went upstairs and stripped the wallpaper in the bathroom. Dave had started this job last week and she finished up getting all the gooey stuff off. It was even on the ceiling! You are too good to us mom!

Our bedroom. There is a skylight right above our it!

Caleb and Jackson's room

The boys slept over at Nana and Papa's last night so we could finish packing and not worry about them during the move. We were so much more productive knowing they were taken care of. Nana and Papa brought them back to the new house after dinner and the boys were so excited to check out the new place. We didn't get them in bed until 10PM, but they went down without a fight.
We took a bath to break in the new tub and a great end to a great day. Thanks everyone for all your help, from painting to carrying boxes and furniture to unloading boxes to taking care of our boys to bringing us food...we couldn't have done it without you!


WML said...

So much fun. We are soexcited for you guys. Next big thing - a baby!!!

Katie said...

Hurray!!! You're in and you're home. How exciting! God is good!

Michael-Sarah-Greta-Calla said...

that is so exciting, courtney! congrats to you guys. a new house & new baby- life is good! :) it's fun to get caught up over the blog world! :)

Jenny and Kyle said...

Everything looks so great! I wish we could just swing by to unpack some boxes or watch the boys!

And sweet Claire- I LOVE her! We're so glad to have her up here now :)

Heather said...

LOVE your new house! :)