Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playdate with Gwen and Sonja

This morning I watched Gwen and Sonja so Linnea could run some errands. We made ice cream cone Christmas Trees. It was fun, but the kids just wanted to eat everything!

This is Jackson saying "cheese!"

I'm pretty sure Gwen was saying "nerds."

When Sonja woke up, Caleb really wanted to hold her.


Linnea said...

thanks so much for giving gwen and sonja (well and mostly me) a great morning! i'm still finding nerds in the car :)

WML said...

What a great project! The Lourias will be stealing it. It is probably in one of the 4 Family Funs I haven't had a chance to read...

Anonymous said...

Love this project! You always have such great ideas... maybe you should market yourself!!!

Heather Otto