Friday, December 12, 2008


You may have noticed how badly my children needed haircuts (especially Caleb as a tomten). We spent the afternoon at the Stroms house and Papa cleaned them all up.

Jackson sat so still the entire time.

Caleb thinks the clippers tickle.

He was not as good at sitting still. He would lean as far away from Papa as he could, making it very difficult to cut his hair.

Thanks Papa! (A monster truck show was on to keep the boys attention!)

Then it was time to read with Papa. They are looking for goldbug on every page. Jackson says "goldbug" and points when he finds him.


Colby said...

I was hoping that the end of 'caleb leaned away from papa, making it very difficult to cut' was going to be: 'and now caleb has a mullet . . .'

WML said...

Colby, you make me laugh. The boys look very handsome.