Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We gave Jenna 'Lumpy' for Christmas and she told her mom, "I want one of these every year."

Enjoying the dinosaurs from Uncle Colby.

Jackson is opening one of Brooke's presents was acutally a joke gift from Colby so I guess it was okay.

Playing the drum from Aunt Brooke and Uncle Mike...from Indonesia!

Gramma and Poppa and their four grandkids.

We went to our church service at 4:00 and then headed back to my parents house to celebrate with the rest of my moms family, all 45 of us! Before we opened presents Erik lead us in a few songs.

Gairette, Olivia, Saige, Kira and Tristan

I thought this was a funny picture.

The traditional family shot by the tree.

Here is my grandma and her girls.

Rachel knows the way to Jacksons heart...popcorn.

The whole gang!

Getting ready for the grownup grab bag.


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WML said...

erik, we loved the singing. Next year if the girls choose the playlist, we'll give you more notice.