Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"one, two!"

Today is Emmett's birthday. When you ask him how old he is, he holds up his fingers and says, "one, two!" It is really cute, we make him do it ALL the time!

The big brothers helped open his presents.

There was story time at the library today (I LOVE our library...so much fun stuff happening there for my kids). Emmett got this special crown and everyone sang to him.

This was the second week of story time. Last week there were 32 kids (plus care givers) and this week there were 50 kids!!! It is so great to see all these little ones, just anxious to get to know everyone better.

We picked up Caleb from school and went to Scott's for ice cream (thanks Uncle Kyle, Auntie Jenny and Charlotte for the gift cards!)

Here is our big 2 year old. How has it already been 2 years. Our Emmett is so full of life. He is constantly talking and moving and trying to keep up with his brothers. We love you so much Emmett!

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bergs said...

We are so sorry we forgot to call and sing to Emmett. I thought about him often but the day just got away from us.
Can't wait for Thanksgiving Camp!!!!