Tuesday, September 06, 2011

My baby starts Kindergarten!

I just loved these pictures of Emmett waiting outside for the bus.

Today was Caleb's first day of Kindergarten. Last week after his orientation he said "I was kinda nervous about Kindergarten but now I am excited because I get to meet new friends." We were excited for him too but also aware that there are a lot of new things for our kids right now. Caleb will be in all day Kindergarten (7:52 to 3:08). He will be riding the bus to school in the morning and our friend Linnea will be driving him home at the end of the day. The bus picks him up at 6:50am! Although today things didn't go as planned...Erik was standing in the driveway looking for the bus while the rest of us huddled inside because it was a whopping 32 degrees out this morning! All of a sudden the bus just flew right past our house! The driver obviously didn't have our house on his route. Erik and I were planning on meeting Caleb's bus at school this morning to help him figure everything out so we all just drove him to school. Of course I had some tears thinking about him being gone all day, but it was great. He walked right into his class and said goodbye like it was any other day!

His teacher, Mrs. Fish (So nice to not have to get to know the teacher too!)



When Caleb got home from school he was pretty good at sharing about his day. He was so excited that he got to have 3 recesses, his favorite time was story time and they celebrated someones birthday. I did notice that he didn't really eat too much of his lunch (only applesauce and raisins). Wondering if the whole lunch thing was a little overwhelming for him. As for me, I missed him a lot. It seemed like he was gone for so long and I just kept wondering what he was doing. While Emmett napped, Jackson and I had some good quality time together. We made cookies, played baseball and cleaned up the house. I guess they do have to grow up sometime...just not sure I was ready yet!

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Kendra Wheeler said...

I can't even imagine all of the emotions that come with that day! I think it is so exciting that you are back in Iron River. I am so glad that the day went well.