Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jackson visits the Emergency Room

We spent our Saturday in the hospital with Jackson. He woke up this morning around 6am and called for Erik saying his leg hurt. Erik rubbed his back and got him back to sleep. Then at 7am, Caleb came in to say that Jackson had to go to the bathroom but he couldn't get out of bed. He was in so much pain, the only comfortable thing was laying on the couch with his leg straight. He layed on the couch for a while before I called Erik and said we needed to go to the Emergency Room. After the ER doctor checked him she immediately thought it was 'transient synovitis.' We were told that we would stay over night and do some tests because these same symptoms could also be a 'septic hip', which is basically an infection in the bone, and would require immediate surgery.

He was a good little patient and when the nurse woke him up at 2am for more medicine he was able to walk down the hall to the playroom. It was so good to see him walking again. The doctors came in and saw how well he was doing and decided it was indeed 'transient synovitis'. The way I understand it is that he had a virus and his immune system didn't react correctly and sent fluid to his hip joint. The fluid on the hip is what caused so much pain. A few doses of ibuprofen helped with the pain allowing him to be able to move around again. His body will absorb the fluid in time. What a crazy day. We have just had so much going on, I am not sure this was what we needed!!!

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The Rummelhoffs said...

He is so cute. What a good little patient.