Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strawberry picking, yankee candle and dinosaurs, oh my!

We had planned on going strawberry picking today, but woke up to not so good weather. We chose to put on our boots and rain coats and go anyway!

The clan. Poppa stayed in the car with a sleeping Emmett.

After picking one bucket full Jenna said "now I am just going to eat them all!"

Emmett was so excited that he just got to eat and eat strawberries.

Next we headed over to Yankee Candle for a picnic lunch, including delicious number 4 cookies for Jackson. We spent 3 hours in this store! All of the kids were so great. They enjoyed the Christmas room the best.

We even hand dipped our own candles...

Here we are at the most random side of the road shop you have ever seen in your entire life! Dinosaurs and mining! We had to stop and check it out.

Here is our day in a nutshell...strawberries, yankee candle and dinosaurs! (We bought the asparagus at the strawberry place)

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WML said...

As always, amazing fun. I love the picture of Sawyer and the strawberry. BTW - the last pic is so ccol, even though it is so random...