Monday, June 13, 2011

Celebrating Jackson's birthday with the Condaps

This morning I watched 5 kids while Erin and Sawyer went to the doctor and mom got her hair done. We started out with Starbucks and then walked over this waterfall.


Erin quickly whipped up some cupcakes for the little buddy.

Jackson chose to go mini golfing for his birthday. Here we are at "Twinkle Town." A mini golf course right in the owners front lawn!

Poppa and Gramma with the soon to be "out of town grandchildren."

On the last hole Jenna got it in the clowns nose and won a free game!

Lately Emmett has been obsessed with spoons and forks. He loves looking around in the drawers and picking a favorite for the day. He loved Auntie Erins because he could just take the whole container out! Look how excited he is! He says "A poon" meaning, a spoon.

The birthday boy wanted to end the day with s'mores!

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