Sunday, May 01, 2011

Welcome Naomi Linnea

Cam and Linnea welcomed Naomi on Saturday night. We were so excited to hear about her safe and quick arrival. When I woke up on Sunday morning, I realized that with a busy day ahead of me I wouldn't be able to make it to see her unless I went before church! So, I got everyone ready and called up my good friend Nellie to watch them while I ran over. I just love meeting those babies when they are still so new! She is so cute and even had her eyes open the whole time I was there. Just so all of you know Gwen has decided that it was perfect that they had another girl because "Caleb can marry Gwen, Jackson can marry Sonja and Emmett can marry Naomi."


Greta Bailey said...

What about my girls?????

beth. said... cute about what gwen said! love it!

WML said...

Hooray for three girls! BTW - love your necklace!