Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luke and Kat Knotts!

These got placed out of order...but here we are with Cam and Linnea.
Not sure why I am standing so awkward! As bridesmaids we got to pick any black dress that was to our knees. I got mine for $8.99 at Francesca's and Linnea got hers for $14.99 at Forever 21! (Kat bought us all the white sashes to add to the dress.)

Luke and Kat got married this morning...we had such a fun day celebrating the two of them!

All ready for pictures...we got our hair done at 6:30am!

The happy couple at the reception...I love this one! Congratulations! We love you so much, thanks for letting us share in this special day.

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WML said...

Kat - you look more beautiful than you normally do. And courtney, you look amazing, too. Glad you got to share this day.