Thursday, March 31, 2011

Steamboat Springs

Erik and Caleb had a great time in Colorado. Thankfully Erik took a bunch of pictures with his phone so we could see all the fun they had.

This is their first look at the mountains.

Snowshoeing at our friends (the Rygs) house.

At the ski hill.

Gondola ride

Downtown Steamboat. That hat used to be my brother Kyle's!!

Getting on the plane to come home.


condapfour said...

I was thinking that was Kyle's hat and then you mentioned it! What a fun trip. I can't wait to hear all about it from him! Good job on all the pictures Erik!

Jenny and Kyle said...

Erik and Caleb together are SO PRECIOUS. What a cool thing to get to do with your dad!

colbymiles said...

I used to wear that hat too!

This is so awesome! I love that they got to walk onto the concrete at the airport, so cool. But this brings out an issue that I think I should bring up:

All you siblings need to stop being such awesome parents! I would rather the standards be lower for my kids. . . it ain't easy being last.

WML said...

Fun trip - Colby, I had to laugh at your comment,because no one in the family has any doubt that you will be an awesome dad.