Friday, March 04, 2011

Children's Museum

Today we met Auntie Brooke and Adeline at the museum. It was fun for the boys to get to play with so many new exhibits.
This is part of the wind section. Caleb and Jackson had so much fun putting everything in the "tunnels."

Inside a bubble!

There's Brooke and Adeline!

We ended our time at the construction zone. This was not the easiest place to have Emmett (I have do hold him the whole time)...but Caleb and Jackson could have stayed there all night. The funny thing is I tried to get them to go in there at the beginning of our time and they said "no." I think we might need to do some building this summer with scraps in our garage.

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WML said...

They look totally at home in the "shop." Your dad is an expert at building with little guys after 30 years of Sparks' project night.waltr