Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know it is too early to tell, but Emmett has been using his left hand for everything. Do we have a little lefty on our hands?

Last, but certainly not least, here is an update on the bathroom. Erik and Dan have been working away at getting the tile up around the tub. The floor is tiled already (no grout yet). I believe the next step is the rest of the walls and bull nose around the top. (Dan calls it bull nose...I think it is like trim for tile!) We opted for tile on the walls mostly because we have 3 boys and anticipate a lot of pee missing the toilet! We need suggestions for the wall color...any ideas out there?


lajaeschke said...

Maybe you could pick up on the darker color that's in the decorative strip. Janice and Dan's small bathroom in the hallway is painted a dark color and it looks really nice. If that doensn't do it for you, I would go for a slightly lighter shade of that same dark color. You need to pick up something from that strip--just my opinion. Aunt Louise

Jenny and Kyle said...

Red, obviously.

Kyle suggests "pee yellow."

karen said...