Saturday, July 17, 2010

Block Party

We had our first ever block party and I think it was a success. We have a very long street, most of our participation was from our end of the block. We started the morning with a craft.

My dad came and led the water games. This was always my favorite part of my parents block party and I am pretty sure this was the highlight of the day today as well! The kids were laughing and having so much fun and the parents were in love with my dad. They kept asking where we hired him and then when they found out he was my dad they would come and ask if he could come to their parties! He even was asked to do an "encore"presentation!

Mei's first block party and first time at the water games.


Thanks to everyone who came out and made this day more fun!


The Rummelhoffs said...

It was a very fun day. I am looking forward to next year's Long Block party.

Lynn Joy Mecher said...

It was a very fun day and I;m so glad that you have photos of my good hair day!

WML said...

It was great - and especially great since we could not do leamington this year! Thanks for letting all of us invade your home for a day!