Saturday, July 03, 2010

the 3rd of july

This morning we biked over to Gilson Park for a "Pee Wee Fun Run". I asked the boys if they wanted to do a race like mommy did. They both said yes. When it actually came time for the race, only Caleb did it. I made them signs like they made for me, but in all honesty I took these pictures and they didn't come out again...the race was 100 meters! They literally ran across a grassy field. Don't get me wrong I was cheering for him like crazy (even through tears...I will be a disaster every time these boys do something new) but I felt a little embarrassed that I had made signs for a run across a field!

At the starting line

Showing off his medal! Way to go Caleb!

We went home and made red, white and blue shish kabobs for a BBQ that night.

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WML said...

Save the signs! They will get lots of use. I think it was awesome that you did it!