Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Legends

I signed the boys up for a soccer camp this week. It meets for 1 hour everyday. This was our first one. Here is Caleb with his new shirt and water bottle.

Jackson all ready to go.

This is Coach Tony asking the kids all their names. Jackson is all the way on the left and Caleb is to the left of the girl in the pink. I think Jackson looks so cute sitting there on the ball.


They both did great right away, but pretty soon after this picture they came back for a water break and Jackson told me that he was all done. They run around A LOT. I knew he was on the young end for this but thought he might want to do it because Caleb was doing it. Needless to say, I let him sit out and maybe he'll try again next year. When Caleb was all done Jackson kept telling him what a great job he did and that he was "awesome!"

Emmett was there too! Smiling and waving at all the other parents and siblings.

Here's some videos to give you an idea of their little soccer practice. You can see Jackson often wandering in a different direction!


WML said...

Totally cute!

bergs said...

Jackson must be made of the same stuff as Kendell. She never wanted to play sports because, "You sweat too much!" It still her reason.