Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jackson turns 3!

This was actually taken on Wednesday when my parents stopped by on their way to meet grandchild number 7. Luckily gramma had already made Jackson's cookies! You may notice that his left eye is puffy. He woke up with a puffy eye (I guess it was a bug bite) but it slowly went away.

The traditional sticky bun breakfast. He was so excited to be three (or as he says "free").


From the Condaps he got this cement mixer and a "make your own bouncy ball" kit.

We got him a slip and slide...he wasn't too sure about it, but Caleb LOVED it.

For lunch we went to Wagner Farm. They were having a "Dairy Breakfast", we chose to have it for lunch. It was so good. We got there at the tail end of the festivities but were still able to squeeze in a few things.

We just missed the last hay ride, but they let the boys ride while they turned it around and parked it. (Emmett is just in this for the picture!)

We helped churn the ice cream...

...and then got to eat it!


We ended the day at the pool. What a perfect birthday for our little three year old. We love you Jackson and are so proud of you. Oh, by the way, Jackson is fully out of diapers...finally. The three year old thing did the trick for those night time diapers.


condapfour said...

Can I eat him? Oh...what a fun little boy. Happy birthday Jackson!

Jenny and Kyle said...

Courtney, it's been so long since I've been on the internet and all of your updates were so fun! Jackson looks SO OLD in his birthday pictures and all of your boys are so adorable! We can't wait to see you guys up here so soon!

WML said...

Happy Birthday, Jackson!!!