Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

We started the morning with a "Turkey Trot". A 2 mile run on Hagerman Lake Road. I ended up winning for the girls...which I felt awful about because had I known there were "winners" I would have totally let my cousin Tristan win...sorry T! Erin carried Emmett in the bjorn. He started out like this
and finished the race like this. So sweet.

A few of my cousins were sick with the swine flu during Halloween so we decided to wear our costumes up at camp for them. It turned out to be a "character breakfast" for Grayden's birthday which was today as well!

Cousins! We got a little dusting of snow.

Another attempt at the wall. Thanks Uncle Colby...remember that smile when you see him after his jaw surgery on December 1.

Our growing family.

The Stroms

We had one long table down the middle of the dining hall. It was so perfect. How did we ever fit in my grandparents house!? There were 40 of us for dinner (that includes the babies and does not include the 5 that couldn't make the trip...we missed you!) It was so nice to have such a big kitchen to prepare the meal in and to have a big buffet table to keep all the food warm. We had such a great time...I am hoping this tradition will continue.

Oh yeah, and while we were up there I realized that none of this would have taken place if I didn't meet and marry Erik...he introduced me to Covenant Point and the love for this place just trickled down to the rest of the family.

Coloring again!

This was Grayden's birthday cake!

A Lighting McQueen pinata...everyone was nervous that Caleb and Jackson would be mad that we were breaking it...they didn't care and totally loved it!

And finally, we ended our Thanksgiving with "disco rollerskating" in the Tab. Both of the boys tired, they needed to be held the whole time, but loved every minute of it. Towards the end Caleb was getting the hang of it.

Jackson and Uncle Jim played some drums for us as well.

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