Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Camp...

This year for Thanksgiving we headed up to Covenant Point with my moms side of the family. Caleb and Jackson were so excited to be at camp again. It was especially fun to have the Condaps and baby Adeline there! We squeezed a lot into a few days so follow along.

Emmett was spoiled with so many people to hold him (or maybe I was the spoiled one!)

Of course we had to play some games lead by Kyle.

Jackson doing the dishes. He told my mom, "this is my job".

45 "thankful bpxes". We wrote notes to let eachother know why we are thankful for them. Caleb would often be found here drawing pictures for everyone.

Poppa tried pulling all the kids with this rope but nobody was strong enough to hold all the weight...eventually Erik saved the day.

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WML said...

I am still thankful for Thanksgiving camp!