Saturday, July 25, 2009

A busy Saturday...

We started that day at my parents block party. Things have changed a lot since we were kids...except for the water games! Here is Jackson filling up the buckets for Poppa (my dad has done the water games for as long as I can remember...still the best part!)

We bought these cupcakes at Tammy and Dave's auction and Gramma froze them for us. They mostly enjoyed the frosting.

Caleb and the holey can. He wasn't going to play but saw how much fun Jackson was having and decided to join in.

Jackson with the holey can. He was little and so cute. There are videos of both boys at the bottom. (How can I make the video be in the right spot?)


Balloon Toss

Cup on the head. So willing to try everything, Caleb sat this one out.

Then we headed to Aunt Louise and Uncle Dave's for "summer birthdays". The boys got to play with this when they first arrived.

A bunch of Cars stuff, toys for the sandbox and two happy boys! Thanks everyone for the great gifts.


WML said...

J thought the videos were funny! I am glad you stopped by for the morning.

The Rummelhoffs said...

I love the videos. So cute. I love Jackson running with the hat in his hands.