Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Parade

Caleb and Jackson rode in the kids bike parade before the real parade. I had Jackson's bike all decorated and he started crying and ripping it all off saying "I don't like it!" He is one stubborn little guy. I also told him to give me a good smile for this picture and this is what I got. We rode down the parade route and stopped at our seats, which was about a block!

I am my father's daughter...I woke up at 7am to drive down and set up our spots for the parade! They were perfect, every band or group stopped right in front of us and performed for us, even the Jessie White Tumblers.

Jackson waving at the firetrucks, Caleb covering his ears because the sirens were too loud.

Jackson got these few pieces of candy right away and just sat there holding onto them.

Surprise! My parents, Brooke, Olivia and Leslie were in the parade! They were on the float for the 2016 Olympic bid. At the 'Taste of Chicago' they signed up to be volunteers and chose the Glenview parade as their first assignment! The boys loved when they came by us.

"I'm proud to be an American"

So there was this red line painted on the ground and the kids were supposed to stay behind it. We told Caleb that and he was such a good listener. When we would see someone coming by with candy or something we would tell him to go stand by the line. He would put both his feet right at the line and wait for them to come by him.

Here they are watching the Jessie White Tumblers. It was a great parade and a great day!

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WML said...

You are just a blogging fool, courtney. I wish I had known about the parade earlier,we would have been there in a second. I am so glad Gram was there for all the f-u-n!