Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We got in to Portland really late Tuesday night (3am Chicago time!) In the morning when we woke up we had a message from Peter asking if we wanted to go see any of the mountains. We chose to go to Mount Hood. We waited for him in the parking lot and he pulled up in this! Luckily it was a gorgeous day so we could drive with the top down.

We were shocked to see people skiing and snowboarding on June 24th!

The three of us on the chair lift.

Mount Hood

We were just in awe of the beauty around us...often wondering why we live in flat Chicago.


WML said...

You live in flat chicago because of

chrissy lou who said...

yeah, why do you live in flat chicago again???

and you'd be even more surprised to go to the same spot mid august and see all the snow boarders weaving down the narrow glaciers left... it's the weirdest ever.