Saturday, June 27, 2009

Erik's Ordination

Here we are sitting at one of our many meetings.

This is at the morning meeting where the delegates agreed to accepting Erik for ordination.

For lunch we were able to get together with some good seminary friends.
Jason, Ethan, Trish, Maren, Courtney, Joel, Erik, Alia, Greg and Jen

We haven't seen eachother in almost two years. Jen made this comment..."you look the same as you did last time we saw you." I was pregnant then too!

Dinner with more good friends. Benj, Erik and Jared

Marit, Courtney and Chrissy

The Ordination service was such a special time. It felt like one big worship service celebrating all these men and women that God has called to ministry. I know they all felt very affirmed in their call to serve around the country. I was so proud of Erik, he has put in so much time with papers and interviews, it feels great to be on this side of the whole process.

They were all given a nice Bible and these stoles, handmade by a seminary professors wife!

This picture was taken by Barbara...we LOVE the Covenant Crown!

Tim Johsnon

Chrissy and Ginny Larson

Nathan and Barbara Nordlund

Jeff G

Mark Novak

Benj Ecker

Jim and Erin sent us a fancy cheese and fruit platter so celebrate the day!!! Thanks!


misty diller said...

it was SOOOO great seeing you guys in portland. congrats on the ordination and continued blessings on your family!

WML said...

Ok - I couldn't hold back the tears when I say the picture where they were laying hands on erik, and the tears didn't stop until the end. All God's blessings on your ministry. We are so proud of you and wish we could have been there to celebrate with you.

Angie said...

Yay Eric! I'm bummed I missed seeing you guys in Portland. Congrats on your ordination!