Monday, September 22, 2008

Caleb's first story

When I picked Caleb up from school today there was a paper in his box, it read:

Once there was a big excavator. I was driving the excavator.
A backhoe loader came. I drove it. And a bulldozer came.
The excavator dumped in the dump truck. A steam roller came.
It steamed and it rolled.

The End
by Caleb 9-22-08


nana said...

Great story, Caleb!! I have first graders whose stories aren't as good as that!
Love, Nana

Tonya said...

that was great! Now you will always have his first story even if the hard copy gets destroyed!

WML said...

Love it! Kudos to the teacher who transcribed it and to the mom and dad who taught him the word excavator.

condapfour said...

I am unfamiliar with those types of stories! I love it. Ours usually have rainbow unicorns and real-true princesses!

Brooke said...

I love your story Caleb. I can't wait for you to come see all the activity at the construction site at my work.

Strombergs said...

Oh my word Courtney, I can't even wait til Quinn has stories like that to share. How fun. And a big Happy Birthday to dear Caleb!!!

Scott said...

what a savage!