Thursday, September 18, 2008

Caleb turns three!

We had a great day celebrating Caleb. As usual I took a ton of pictures and had a hard time narrowing them enjoy all the pictures from our day.
Opening his backhoe loader from Jackson.

Measuring how big Caleb is.

We took the backhoe loader to the park while dad cleared the water out of his car...did you know cars could flood too??

All the pictures above were taken at a construction site near our house. Jackson fell asleep on the way there, but Caleb would've spent the entire day there if we let him. He brought his backhoe along and did some work as well. At one point the excavator picked up a pile of dirt and placed it on the sidewalk just for Caleb to dig in! It was so much fun for our little boy who LOVES construction trucks.

All of these pictures were taken during lunch at "The Choo Choo Restaurant" in Des Plaines. I know it wasn't trucks but it was a lot of fun. The food comes around to your table on a train. There were a lot of other birthday boys there!

Putting sprinkles on the birthday cake.

Auntie Brooke ate dinner with us. Notice the backhoe loader right by Caleb!

More presents. Thanks everyone for the fabulous gifts.

The birthday boy...guess I should've turned the candle around! We had some family over to celebrate with Caleb.

My moms wonderful number cookies! Mmmmm!

And a new sweater for Caleb made "with love from Gramma."

Happy Birthday Caleb! We can't believe you are already 3 years old.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! New pictures! Happy birthday, little buddy! (Jackson, you look great, too, sweetie!)

Aunt Louise

Jennifer said...

I wanted to cry looking at these! I can't believe he's three already, and he looks like such a big boy! We miss you guys,

The Nealons

condapfour said...

I like that green picture in the background! :)

WML said...

How could I have missed another birthday for a little cousin? At least Jenna isn't the only one I have slighted. It looks like it was a geeat day, even sans the Louria quintent's version of Happy Birthday.

erik and courtney said...

erin, you better like'll be looking at it all the time once we figure out how to get it to new hampshire!

The Jops Family said...

Great pictures! Your boys are so cute. I love the 3 t-shirt. Did you make it?