Tuesday, May 13, 2008

let's go to the beach

This afternoon Erik was able to come home a little early since he had to go back to church for meetings tonight. We took advantage of the weather and time with dad and headed to the beach.
I know he looks upset in this picture, but he was really so excited! I love this picture, because he looks so grown up to me and you can see his little footprints behind him.

Seriously...this kid doesn't stop smiling!

Flying our new kite for the first time.

Jackson had sand all over his face and in his mouth, but he didn't care.

By the time we left, Caleb was covered in sand. This kid absolutely loves the sand.


linnea said...

was it warm enough for the beach? your brave!

WML said...

The pictures were very cute, but all the sand makes me cringe!