Monday, January 09, 2012

Downhill skiing take one!

With an early dismissal for Caleb (and 40 degree weather!) it was the perfect day to take the big guys to the ski hill for their first (free) ski lesson. Emmett stayed home with a babysitter but Angie told me he has to come next time! Ah! Angie is a friend from church with a passion for teaching kids to ski and she was the perfect teacher for our boys. They spent a few minutes inside learning all about their equipment first.

Making pizzas.

Angie is pulling them with a ski pole to get them over to the tow rope.


Angie held Jackson on the tow rope the first time. He was a little more timid for sure, but he kept saying he just wanted to do it himself! He eventually did and did well. He wasn't able to last as long as Caleb, but we were so proud of him!



Caleb was a quick learner. He was going up on the tow rope by himself and learning how to turn and slow himself down. I think Angie would have wanted them to ski a little more, but we were done. I know you all really want to see videos, so here are the best I got...sorry Jackson's is all shaky!

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bergs said...

AMAZING!!!! Where are the pics of you and Erik on skis?