Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Lego

Caleb is showing off his new Lego float plane that he got for quitting his nail biting habit! The deal was if his nails were long enough that we had to cut them all, he could pick a new Lego kit. He still sucks his thumb, but one thing at a time right!? I think he might get a really big Lego package when we finally get there. (I was a thumb sucker and I remember people always trying to "bribe" me to quit. It wasn't until I broke my arm in just the right spot so that I couldn't get my thumb in my mouth that I quit...he might be doomed!)


WML said...

If you find the trick, let me know. We have been trying to get g to stop with her fingers and even getting her ears pierced with peace sign earrings hasn't helped. Last year her teacher made her use hand sanitizer every time she caught her, and the smell was a reminder, so she wouldn't put them in, but we don't always have it. :(

condapfour said...

yeah Caleb!!!