Saturday, October 01, 2011

A full day with the Johnsons

Jackson was always wanting to hold Naomi. The first night they got here, he ran to the bathroom and washed his hands (without anyone telling him to) came back and said "I washed my hands, can I hold Naomi now?"

Playing in a neighbors leaf pile.

Naomi is such a good baby. I cannot even stand how cute this picture is!

Gwen and Caleb on the piles of dirt at the site of our new home.

The boys just figured out that rolling down the hill was quite fun.


hannah joy said...

so is your new home already in progress?! i want to hear more! so exciting!

Matt said...

when i asked Gwen if she had a good time with you guys and was excited to see the boys she said, "oh yeah, I had so many secrets to tell Caleb"