Thursday, October 07, 2010

A day of canning...

Erik and I have been interested in canning and recently our friends asked us to join them as they canned apples. We spent the day canning 45 pounds of apples! The boys came along but Marcia had a bunch of jobs to keep them occupied and Emmett took two naps.

Washing the apples.

The start of the applesauce.

We saved the peels to make apple juice.

The boys made banana bread and zucchini bread. Delicious!

I forgot a seat for Emmett so he got tied to the chair while eating an apple.

6 quarts of apple pie filling

When the day was done we made 25 pints of apple sauce, 3 quarts of apple juice and 6 apple pies. It was so much fun to learn about the process and to have our kids be a part of it as well. Thank you Marcia and Rafael for your hospitality!

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WML said...

Oh, my goodness. Maybe if I didn't spend so much time doing this in my childhood it would seem more fun to me...It looks good, tastes great, but I am drawn to it as much as I am drawn to gardening - not at all. I am glad you enjoyed it!