Monday, September 13, 2010

Jackson's first day of preschool!

Special "ABC" pancakes made by daddy.

Wearing his new backpack from Nana and Papa.

I LOVE this one!

Today was Caleb's first day too. He is going to be so ready for Kindergarten.

Standing by his name tag.

Emmett thought he should be in their classes too. I was joking around with one girl in Caleb's class and said "do you think he should be in your class?" Her response was "No, he's annoying, and walks all around ruining our stuff." Oops!

After school we played and played outside. Emmett has been so much fun outside, just enjoying playing. We even ate lunch outside and Emmett sat on the bench with the big boys. Oh yeah, and I switched him to a sippy cup and also started giving him whole milk. He hasn't spit up yet or had any other reactions! For a while I was nervous the spitting up had to do with a dairy allergy but it doesn't seem like it anymore! He is growing up so fast.


condapfour said...

Seriously!? Your boys could NOT be any cuter. That shot of J is priceless and C and E look so big. Why do I live so far away and not have access to a private jet and pilot?

WML said...

Yeah for beginning school!