Friday, February 12, 2010

Stitches for the Stroms!

Here he is all stitched up....I had to put this picture first!

This morning just as I was leaving to take Caleb to preschool (Erik was home packing for a retreat) Jackson slipped going up the stairs. Erik told me we had to go to the ER and I did not want to believe him. Thankfully Linnea was able to pick up Caleb and the rest of us headed to the ER. Jackson was so good and kept saying "I just wanted to see Emmett." He had been on his way up to see Emmett when he slipped! In the car he asked for Gramma to pray for him, so we called her of course.

They first gave him a numbing cream and then we had to wait 20 minutes. He was totally himself, often saying things like "I can't do that (smile, bend over, etc) because I have this thing on."

The open wound.

All swaddled up like Emmett.

Still smiling.

He got 6 stitches total and was a perfect patient. The PA and nurse could not believe how good he was. Way to go buddy! We always thought Jackson would be the first injury!


jim said...

What a tough little man!

Lots of love from Uncle Jim

condapfour said...

We love you Jackson. What a brave little man you are.

Jan S. said...

Wow, he did great!!! What a brave boy!! Courtney, I totally understand you initial reaction of disbelief re: going to the ER!! Been there, done that (several times!!!) Glad he's ok!

WML said...

Wow! I wish Saige had been that calm. What a big boy!