Saturday, September 19, 2009

Courtney labors at the North Park soccer game!

We took our high school youth ministry to a North Park soccer game tonight. I drove in our van with the boys just in case anything happened or if I needed to take them home early. Well, as it turns out it was a good thing we did! On my drive into the city my contractions were every six minutes but not really getting any stronger. I continued to time them throughout the game and at one point we made the call that we weren't going home tonight. My parents came and took the boys back to our house, we called our doctor and stayed to finish the end of the game! It was kind of exciting to do it this way. Everyone around us knew I was in labor and I think they were shocked we were just sitting there! We knew we would just sit in the hospital - and it was so close anyway - so why not just be with friends? North Park didn't win, unfortunately, but we had another baby boy!


North Park University said...

Our congratulations to you! We think this is a great story, so thanks for sharing it. We've passed it along to our NPU friends via the NPU Facebook page. :)

WML said...

I love a good birth story! (obviously NPU does, too).